Monday, June 14, 2010


I mentioned this briefly a while back, but I handed black and white previews of SWEETS issue #1 (and the full 5 issue script) to a few creators at this year's Boston Comic-Con and I got two great quotes! Here's what Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin, New Mutants, Stray Tosters) and Jim Starlin (Dreadstar, Infinity Gauntlet, Shang-Chi) had to say about SWEETS. Too cool!

“Kody Chamberlain is an amazing talent. SWEETS goes down like a deliciously nasty full course meal, and tastes even better coming up.”
— Bill Sienkiewicz
“Kody Chamberlain‘s beautiful art originally hooked me into checking out SWEETS. But it was his intriguing story that has me impatiently waiting for the second issue and beyond.”
— Jim Starlin


MelloMoose said...

This looks great and; though your colors are excellent, makes me want to own a black and white variant of the book.

MelloMoose said...

My other comment--it was 'sposed to go with the SWEETS 2 cover above.

To get accolades from these guys... Wow. The title escapes me, but back in the 80's I collected a mini-series about robot dinosaurs based on a line of toys because Mr. Sienkiewicz did the covers.

Are you thinking movie yet?