Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Been stupid busy!

Sorry I haven't done a good update in a while, been super busy getting everything lined up for the SWEETS release. Couple of quick points:

• I will be at Comic-Con, setting up at the Image Comics booth. I'm also going to be part of a Kickstarter panel sometime that weekend. I'll update when I know more.

• I'll have original art with me for SWEETS, but probably won't bring much of the older work unless someone has a specific request. If you plan to be at Comic-Con, please let me know if there's a page from a previous project you want, and I'll throw it in the pile. Doing my best to pack light, so everything else stays at the studio.

• I'm cranking along on issue #2 and issue #1 is on its way to the printer. I've worked damn hard on this book, I hope you dig it! 

• My 5 page preview did run in issue #11 of CHEW and it looked great! I'm told some shops have already sold out, so grab a copy before it's too late. The SWEETS preview included the cover, and 4 story pages that haven't been seen anywhere else. Image mentioned that they may be running the preview in a few other books, I'll let you know which ones when I get the final word.

• Kickstarter packages haven't gone out just yet, waiting to try and bundle as much shipping as possible, since most of the packages do include a signed copy of issue #1, I may wait till July to send those out, although the downloadable PDF is ready, so I may do that one this weekend if I can steal some time away from the drawing table.

• I'm fully aware that some of you only come here to see artwork, so I hooked you up. Click the uncolored inks to the left to enlarge.

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