Friday, November 18, 2011

SWEETS: The Casting Call

It seems like every convention I attend, the topic of a SWEETS movie adaptation comes up and everyone has their own idea on which actors would be great for each particular role. Sometimes those ideas are fantastic, other times, no so much. I thought it might be fun to hear your opinion on the subject.

Who would you cast in the roles of Curt, Jeff, The Killer, and Palmer? And which director would you pick? What about Gabrielle, Dr. LeFleur, Maurice Culpepper or any of the other supporting cast?

Just remember, I make comics not movies, so this is just all in good fun and will have no impact on actual casting if we ever do make a movie. Those decisions would be up to whoever decides to write the check.

My favorite list overall will get a signed copy of the SWEETS paperback, and I might throw in a few more winners in various categories if I feel inspired.

NOTE: To qualify for the free paperback, your list MUST be posted as a reply directly to this blog post.


Suicidefoxx said...
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Suicidefoxx said...

Curt - Gary Oldman
Jeff - Samuel Jackson
The Killer - Ryan Gosling
Palmer - Stephen Root

izzydilbs said...

Curt- Gary Oldman
Jeff- Will Smith(Pursuit of happiness, mustache, nuff said)
The Killer- Michael Pitt
Palmer - Chris Bauer

Cannon said...

Curt: George Clooney
Jeff: Don Cheadle
Palmer: Elliot Gould
Sweets: Matt Damon
Gabrielle: Julia Roberts
Flashback Stepdad: Brad Pitt

jason said...

Curt- Guy Pearce
Jeff- Sam Jackson
Killer - Sam Rockwell
Palmer - Brian Cox

T.L. Byford said...

curt-johnny depp
jeff-terrence howard
the killer-brad pitt
palmer-danny devito

Unknown said...

This is dream casting right? Budgets and success formulas be damned:

Bryan Cranston as Curt

Adrian Lester as Jeff (Adrian is British but 6 seasons of Hu$tle show his range)

Jamie Bell as The Killer (also British but I found him terrifying in Retreat)

and Jack Nicholson as Palmer

J. Iblings said...

Curt - Donal Logue
Jeff - Terrence Howard
The Killer - Alexander Skarsgaard
Palmer - Gerald McRaney

Christopher Floyd said...

Curt - Kevin McKidd

Jeff - Idris Elba

The Killer - Sam Worthington (Unless I could play the killer.)

Palmer - James Gandolfini or Mitch Pileggi

Christopher Floyd said...

And the Cohen Brothers to direct!

Suicidefoxx said...

My new list

Curt - Kurt Russell
Jeff - Sam Jackson
Killer - Joeseph Gordon-Levitt
Palmer - Ed O'Neil

Dale said...

Curt - Sam Rockwell (Don't doubt him, the man can act)
Jeff - Terrence Howard
The Killer - Clive Owen (I know he is in a lot but he would do a great job)
Palmer - Ed Asner (That's who I pictured when reading this)

T.L. Byford said...

quentin tarantino or coen brothers to direct.