Wednesday, June 8, 2011

News, and more news.

Lots of stuff going on these last few weeks, here are a few highlights:

The first issue of Sweets is now FREE on ComiXology, grab a copy and see what everyone's been talking about.

I'm thrilled to announce I just received a very nice foreword for the Sweets trade paperback (collected edition) from comic book legend Duncan Fegredo! This really made my day. If you're not familiar with Fegredo's work, pick up the new issue of Hellboy that hit last week, I highly recommend you pick some up today, and since it happens to be new comic Wednesday at your local comic shop, pick up the new issue of Hellboy that came out last week.

I recently did a new audio interview with Comic Book Page Podcast, hosted by Elizabeth Amber. Give it a listen. Please note, There are a few strange stuttering pauses during the conversation, that's just a little bug in the recording process and we had to restart a few times.

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