Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interviews galore!

Three new interviews to report. First, a MASSIVE interview with Newsarama about my entire creative process. Anyone that's ever wondered about my step-by-step comic-making process should read this one, it's jam packed with info.

Second, MTV Geek has a slightly shorter interview up about Sweets and Punks, and the upcoming relaunch of Punks through MTV on their geek imprint. Some good info here about what's coming up in the next few months.

Third, a detailed audio interview with Amber over at Comic Book Page. This one goes into great detail about process, philosophy, and more. Worth a listen.

And if you missed this one posted earlier this month, I did an interview with On The Page screenwriting podcast with Pilar Alessandra, who happens to host one of my favorite podcasts on the subject of creative writing. I like the podcast so much, I actually hired Pilar to consult on the original Sweets script before I started drawing. HUGE help, and I think the story improved greatly because of it. And buy her book The Coffee Break Screenwriter, it's awesome.

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