Sunday, May 22, 2011

New project

Here's a look at my new comic outline in progress. Although I usually tack notecards up to my giant cork wall, I've been doing a lot of traveling for meetings and conventions, so I've punched holes in the cards and used a little ring to bind them. Very handy. Once I have my outline mostly worked out with the notecards, I'll transfer that to a digital notecard system called Supernotecard to begin fleshing it out and breaking the story into single comic issues (chapters), then I'll jump into either Montage or Celtx for the final script. Unlike some writer/artists, I do write in full script format, and I do prefer writing the entire series up front before anything gets drawn.

In some ways, this new project will be an ongoing, but more of a series of miniseries. So it's important for me to set up a few story points that will continue through the various storylines, but still allow each miniseries to stand on its own as a complete story. In many ways, it's the way novels are written, a format I enjoy much more than soap opera style ongoing comics that never have a hard ending. But as always, my plans could change and the project could evolve into something completely different. That's why I'm reluctant to talk about it too much until I actually know what the finished comic will become.

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