Saturday, March 12, 2011

Need some art?

I'm currently taking on a few small projects, so if you need a cover drawn, maybe some concept art for your screenplay, storyboarding, short anthology stories, fill-in issue, spot illustrations, logos, etc, I'm your man.

Please read on for all the details:

First, it must be a paid project, I am not considering any back-end, spec work, tryouts, etc.

Second, the project needs to be short. No seven issue miniseries', no graphic novels.

Finally, I don't give out rates unless it's a real project and it's something I think I can take on. Then I give a rate on those specifics. If your project is real and you need some art and/or design for projects that fits with the above notes, please email me.

Sorry to be so detailed, my window of availability is small, and I'm doing my best to not waste anyone's time that I might not be able to help.


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