Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football, loyalty, and drunk Cajuns

To all you fair-weather Saints fans out there, we KNOW who you are.

You can't fool us with your fresh "Super Bowl Champion Saints" bumper stickers and your new Chris Ivory jersey. We know you weren't there supporting this team for 35 years of "rebuilding". We understand you want to hang with the winners, but you're not loyal. You can't be trusted.

You don't know about Tom Dempsey's foot, and when you hear the name Jim Mora, you think about the Seahawks. You never rooted for Rickey Jackson and Dalton Hilliard. You hear a drunk Cajun on the radio doing color commentary and you think, hey, that guy is pretty funny. You hear the words "Beer Man" and you think about beer instead of touchdowns. We can still smell the LSU jersey you're trying to hide in the back of your closet. We know your true colors.

…we'll be watching you.

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