Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting lots of buzz online recently. Here are some highlights:

Do you have a tough time choosing between food or comics? Take some advice from the Robot 6 blog.

JK Parkin: If I had $15 to spend …

Ex Machine #50 ($4.99)
Chew #13 ($2.99)
Sweets #2 ($2.99)
The Boys: Highland Laddie #1 ($3.99)

Would it be wrong to say I only included Chew #13 in my list because I wanted an excuse to show the cover art? Actually, it would be, because I’d probably have it on my list regardless, but that is a really fun cover. As Chris mentioned earlier, The Boys spin-off miniseries are just as essential as the regular monthly book, so Highland Laddie makes it on my list, along with the second issue of Kody Chamberlain’s Sweets. And finally, Ex Machina comes to an end with its 50th issue, wrapping up the tale of Mayor Hundred by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris.

Sweets got two great mentions on G4TV's Fresh Ink. For those that don't know, Fresh Ink is a comic book review show hosted by Blair Butler. She'll often give recommendations on whether to "buy", "browse", or "burn" recent comics and graphic novels:
Have a look at the videos here and here.

IGN includes Sweets in their Weekly Buyer's Guide - 08/16/2010

Plenty more where that came from. Just drop in and have a look at my Twitter updates, I'm doing my best to post links as often as I can.

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