Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random stuff.

Couple of things...

• I'm honored that SWEETS was picked as one of the Robot 6 'Comics on a $15 Budget' picks! Thanks Robot 6!

• And I'm told that the new issue of GOOD Magazine is out, there's a nice write up on SWEETS in there. Page 88.

• Remember, today is SWEETS Day, so head to your local comic shop and grab a copy before they sell out.

• Finally, four appearances coming up:

AND BOOKS TOO in Lafayette, LA - Saturday, July 17th from 1pm to 5pm. Here's the flyer.

Comic-Con International in San Diego, CA - July 22 - 25, daily.

BSI Comics in Metairie, LA - Saturday, July 31st from 12pm to 4pm.

Acadiana Comic & Collectibles in Lafayette, LA - This signing is set for mid August, exact date and time coming soon.


Josh said...

Hey Kody, I picked up the last copy yesterday at my LCS. Finally got to read it this morning. I think it's off to a great start and it left me wanting more. Looking forward to the next one, keep it up man!


Kody Chamberlain said...

Thanks Josh! Hopefully the shop orders a couple more.

ben... said...

Kody, love the fact that you're an all-in-one man. I love the little intricacies of the book, I can tell you have a graphic design background. Anyways, I've been rabidly anticipating this book dropping off of the style of your art alone. I love the halftones/spatters/ sketch style of your work and I think the yellow/brown/orange tones lend themselves to the grittiness of the storyline and theme. The first book definitely raised questions and the art style change made me think like what's going on... you've got me wanting the next book to see what's coming down the pike. Your work is awesome, keep it coming!

Kody Chamberlain said...

Ben, thanks for the feedback! I'm currently wrapping up issue #2, hopefully it lives up to the anticipation. :D