Monday, January 25, 2010

The Contest

I've got this idea to do a contest to help promote my upcoming comic book titled SWEETS. First, here are the prizes:
  • The winner gets a likeness cameo drawn inside the comic. There will be 5 winners total, one winner for each issue.
  • The winner of that cameo gets to OWN the original artwork for that page.
  • The winner of that cameo also gets a signed copy of the issue the cameo appears in.

I'll probably do some secondary prizes like free comics, shirts, etc. that don't involve the cameo to help increase the chances of winning. I'm not a big fan of "random" contests where a name is pulled from a hat, but I also know that any contest that involves actual work is going to eliminate about 99% of everyone since most of you are quite lazy. :D

So what should I do? I do have THREE very good ideas already worked out, but I want to hear your thoughts on the subject before I nail it down. What kind of contests do you enjoy participating in? How much effort should be involved, if any? What are some of your favorite contests in recent memory?


rozlyroz said...

sayyyy SLICE!! i dig it!! i want one!! i like the owner of the original art- a big 11 x 17 business card going on a wall:)/nah, unique!

MelloMoose said...

Hello, Sir.

I found this site by way of "Complications Ensue", Alex Epstein's blog, and have been following it for a few months now. I'm not a comic book creator at present, but I hope to be when I grow up (sadly, I'm almost 40). So, I was very pleased to stumble upon "In No Particular Order" with the [sort'a] step-by-step narrative of your process to creating "SWEETS".

I've been meaning to comment, just to say "thanks", but for whatever reason, I hadn't. Then the other day I thought to myself that when I made my way to your blog, I would -- I would comment and say "thanks". Of course, that was the day you posted about the contest, so now I look like a chump who is only commenting because he wants to be in the contest (yes, please).

I do appreciate the blog, very much. I love to draw, and I feel like there are a few stories rattling around in my head that I want to get out, if for no other reason than to say I did it. I'm looking to post something online, but I can't let go of the dream of holding an actual comic that I created in my hands, so I'm wanting to make it print-friendly too.

Anyway, I don't have a process. I do have a ton of how-to books (I'm kind of a junkie for how-to books), but I think following your adventure will be extremely helpful and inspiring (I'll be ordering my Moleskine sketchbooks soon).

This was a very long-winded way to say "thanks". I appreciate you putting this out on the net, and I look forward to further following the trek and someday thumbing through a copy of "SWEETS".

- Jeff

PS. I'm trying to think of contest ideas, so if I come up with anything useful, I'll share.

Kody Chamberlain said...

Don't worry Collin, you'll have your 'cameo' soon enough. :D

Jeff, thank you very much for the kind words. Glad you're digging the blog. I've got a bit of work to do on it to make it really sing, but it's getting close.