Monday, January 12, 2009

What's all this about, anyway?

Welcome to my BLOG.

Here's a bit of info on why I started a blog, and why you may, or may not, find it interesting.

I'm in the early stages of a new creator owned comic currently titled "Sweets." On this particular comic I'll be doing ALMOST everything including writing, drawing, coloring, marketing, logo design, etc. I'd probably run the printing press if they'd let me. I just really enjoy the process of making comics so I get involved with as much of it as I can. Why let someone else have all the fun?

So I've decided to disclose as much of the process as I can without causing trouble. That means I'll avoid story spoilers, and I may shy away from certain things (like specific financial details) because it could hurt my ability to negotiate certain things down the road. But I will try and be as upfront and honest about as much as I can, and when I'm not able to disclose specific information I'll make an effort to explain why. I'll also be mirroring all this info on my forum over at Digital Webbing since some enjoy reading the forum format more than the Blog format.

What's going to be discussed? I'll talk about all sorts of things from art tools, software, inking techniques, tips and tricks, thumbnails, business decisions, marketing strategy, design tricks, dealing with publishers, storytelling decisions, Hollywood chaos, etc. However, I won't make any promises about posting daily or with any guaranteed frequency. Deadlines can be hell, and that means I'll be going 'off the grid' for a while when I need to.

Along the way I'll answer as many questions as possible.

How's that sound?

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